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There are only aroundProtestants and even far less Jewish people. Colombia's main features that highlight its geography are the Andes mountain range that is shared with Ecuador and Venezuelathe Pacific coastal area that joins with Panama and Ecuador, the Lianos plains that are shared with Venezuela, the Caribbean coastal region with Venezuela and Panama, and the Amazon rainforest area that connects with Venezuela, BrazilPeruand Ecuador.

The Netherlands: In-depth PESTLE insights

Social Factors Colombia has well-defined class membership, pronounced status differences. Forty percent of the land on which cattle were raised also supported some type of short-term or subsistence agriculture. Its high rank in the EPI points to a strong environmental performance.

This paper presents an effort to analyse the various factors determining the current state of the country with the help of a detailed PESTEL analysis.

Colombia has a robust welfare system, but labor market informality is a concern The Colombian government has put in place a robust social welfare system. Netherlands Country Report;, p1 The article presents information on the economic, political and social conditions in the Netherlands.

Colombia is officially known as the Republic of Colombia. Finally, the increased costs of doing business have dented the profitability and the viability of the global airline industry.

Colombia Oil and Gas Downstream Market Outlook to 2021

The Council of State is the highest court of administrative law. Other major cities include Medellin 1. Tierra Templada, which means temperate land, ranges between to 1, meters in elevation.

Although Colombia had and still has some problems with political and social stability[ii], violence[iii] and drug trafficking, it offers interesting business opportunities to international companies, especially regarding its minerals and energy resources. Religion Colombia is an overwhelmingly Roman Catholic country.

However, the Colombian constitution guarantees freedom of religion, which is essential to maintain political stability. With the establishment of the tobacco and coffee industries in the nineteenth century, agriculture's role in economic development was assured.

Holdings of ICT goods in micro-establishments according to economic activities in Colombia 47 Table 9: Discrimination law Health and safety law Environmental factors refer to ecological and environmental aspects such as weather, climate, and climate change.

Professor Albert Mehrabian is one of the pioneers in communication research. Bioprospecting involves the search and collection of genetic material from samples of biodiversity. The median age in Colombia is currently 30 years of age, with a total life expectancy of The food processing industry has traditionally been a mainstay of the Colombian Economy.

Next, the profile of the passengers has changed with more economically minded passengers and less business class passengers who prefer to leverage on the improved communication facilities to conduct meetings remotely instead of flying down to meet their business partners.

About 20 percent of all cultivated land was dedicated to coffee. This guide, who doesn't claim to be comprehensive, will provide a collection of primary[iv] and secondary[v] information about Colombian culture and customs, which are helpful to do business in Colombia and to avoid capital blunders.

Healthcare expenditure in Colombia, 42 Figure According to the OECD, more than two-thirds of the workers in the informal sector earn below the minimum wage. Feb 04,  · Colombia's economic growth is primarily driven by private consumption and exports. The government is promoting export by negotiating FTA with many countries and trade regions.

Using the globally-recognised PESTLE country analysis framework, our Country Analysis Profiles contain analysis of the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental key influences in over developed and emerging markets.

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PESTLE Analysis of Colombia • Trend of consumption expenditure as percentage of GDP in Colombia • Trend of growth of population and unemployment rate in Colombia • R&D and. Table of Contents TABLES Table 1: Colombia – Key fundamentals Table 2: Colombia – key facts Table 3: Analysis of Colombia’s political landscape Table 4: Analysis of the Colombian economy Table 5: Analysis of Colombia’s social system Table 6: Analysis of Colombia’s technology landscape Table 7: Analysis of Colombia’s legal landscape Table 8: Analysis of Colombia’s environmental landscape.

What is PESTLE Analysis?

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Pestle colombia
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